The quarter is a big #

Today I turn 25, and I’m not sure when was the last time I thought about turning 25. I’m not sure if my thoughts were, where would I be? Would I be married? Would I have kids? Would I have a degree? Would I be traveling and doing all the things that I love doing? All of those are scary questions for such a young age and sincerely I couldn’t ask for nothing more than what I have right at this moment.

I have a family who will do anything for me no matter what and the best thing about it is that they are not expecting anything in return. I JUST LOVE THEM.

I have friends who love me and care for me and make me feel special even in my crappiest days. I LOVE YOU TOO.

I have a boyfriend who is nothing but special in all the senses of the word, someone who is willing to be there for me and smiles at me every time he sees me. Making me feel like I’m a beautiful person inside and out.

And of course my dogs (who could ever forget them?) one who came to sing happy birthday to me this morning and was more excited than I was to see me wake up. And the other one who is far away and hopefully thinking of me ❤

I’m happy today and I’m happy to have so many people that love me and care for me.

Just two words come to mind:

Thank you.

Three more:


Rumor has it that I am a publicist.

Finally… after several years of “studying” and wasting a bit of my time I was finally able to get my associates in publicity. So proud of my self and my parents for keeping up with me. I don’t know if it’s a feeling of accomplishment or what, but it feels good. Yesterday I finally had an interview and it was nice to have a title on my name.

WHAT’S next?

that’s what they asked me at my intervie. What are my goals and ambitions. for me it is my  bachelors degree in Marketing… So three more years of school and El Salvador and then I’m out of here. But for now I’ll keep ya posted on WHAT is up.


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